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Some more Colour

This is it. I start going to classes on Tuesday! I'm really excited for this I don't think anyone knows. I'm ready to meet people and finally take a step towards my future you know. =]

I don't have much to say this week except that Chase and I are getting together. I'm happy with that.

Anyway some drawings under the cutCollapse )


So everything is going to be okay and I actually feel a whole lot better knowing that. Like a weight is gone off my chest you know? People are taking care of me and I'm grateful for it.

A friend of mine named Orlando (Well that's his name. He lets me call him Lando because I can't say the 'Or' part of it correctly or something like that.) took me to a formal dinner for where he works. Cocktail attire so I pulled out a black and white dress I had only worn once before and went out to buy accessories and shoes.
The evening was slightly awkward because of course I didn't know a lot of the people and this was a dinner for the same place Aaron got fired from so some of them there knew and didn't look too happy to see me there. But it turned out to be alright. I met lots of new people that I'll never see again probably but they made the evening fun.
And there was dancing after the food and award time! I danced lots except to the country western music because I don't know how to dance to that. . . It's no good for that. I danced with a guy from Nigeria the whole evening because Lando doesn't know how to dance. I'll have to teach him sometime.

Anyway, enough about my personal life. I have coloured! Woodless Colour Pencils were purchased for me some time ago and I've finally sat down to use them. I like it. =] It's fun. =]

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Some personal picturesCollapse )

A whole lot of scheisse

So I've been through a whole lot of scheisse the past two weeks. It hasn't been fun but it's been a learning experience. A hard one, but I've been learning from it. It just kind of sucks you know. =/

Anyway I've got some drawings. There's eight of them so I'm putting them in a cut. =]

Right hereCollapse )
So I’ve been away for a bit because I now have a personal life here in the states. =] It’s exciting. And this entire post has to deal with that personal life so if you don’t want to read it. Well, don’t. That’s all I can say.

Anyways, I was seeing a bloke named Tanner who was from Chile and had a daughter but about two weeks ago he just sort of left. I saw him as he was leaving work when I normally come and visit him. He came up, grabbed my shoulders, kissed me and said ‘Be Easy’ as he walked away. He had talked about going away for a while so it wasn’t that emotional really. It was just really surprising that it had happened that suddenly. =/ I’d ask him how he’s doing but it’s easier sometimes just to let things like that go you know.

A few days later here comes a good looking guy on a motorcycle (a massive love for me). A Harley Shadow to be exact which is an absolutely gorgeous bike. He didn’t wear any protection save for some safety glasses. Shame really because I would have loved to see him in leathers. He came up and talked to me and we hit it off instantly. He just flirted with me for the two and a half hours we were together. He’s perfect. Unfortunately he’s been divorced, has got a few more kids than he told me at first and has a lot of emotional baggage to go along with that. He reminds me so much of Aiden’s father that I think I love him already and I can honestly say that this probably won’t be good for me. For either of us really. It can’t be. He’s in the same exact situation and I don’t know if I can risk him getting hurt or into trouble because of me.

So it’s been a pretty emotional time for me. I didn’t ever think this would happen when I moved here of all places but here it is and I’m not ready for it.

Do all of the girls here get this much attention? Because honestly it’s a bit uncomfortable sometimes. =/

more emotional rubbish but with drawingsCollapse )


Getting back in it

So it rained a bit here yesterday. Everyone was so excited! But it was just a tad bit of rain. . . Oh come on! If they get that happy over that miserable amount of rain then what am I in for? Oh my gods. . . Shoot me now. . .

I've noticed that a lot of European musicians' music is played over here. Adele, Florence + the Machine, Taio Cruz, Martin Sloveg, Edward Maya, I heard Tinie Tempah the other day. And most of the people here don't even know that they're forgeign. Like Tinie Tempah. I told a bloke I was riding with that he sounds like such a chav when he raps and he was stunned. Are you kidding me? And then no one knew Adele was English until she was interviewed on the radios apparently. Knobs. . .

ANYWAY! I think I'm out of my slump. I'm feeling better about it anyway. =]

Because I don't feel like being annoying they're in a cutCollapse )

Out of it

I'm out of it again. I hate it when I have problems drawing. I guess it was due time. It's like a period you know. It comes and goes, a down bit in my drawing. I hate it but I have to embrace it and learn to work through it. =]

They set me up on a blind date. I hated it. The guy was ugly, I couldn't even look at him. =/ He told me I was really pretty which was sweet but I had to tell him I wasn't interested. I've had lots of blokes talk to me. And I honestly don't know what to do. I've never had this kind of attention you know. But a guy and I have been talking. He's introduced me to his daughter and everything. She's adorable. =] And he loves football! He's fantastic at it too. Honestly, out of all the mess, I'm happy just being around him.
None of these are great. . . In a bit of an off period I'm afraid. . .

Anyway, purrslink's fic Down the Drain is absolutely fantastic and I wish I could have done something better. but I couldn't. . . I'm sorry. =/

Trying to get back into it with sketches

And I think I'm getting back to normal. Some Top Gear. Richard and Jezza respectively

Top Gear tiny sketchbook doodles

So the a-team kinkmeme is losing me. And it's not because the A-team is going sour for me. It's because all anyone ever writes or requests there is Hannibal/Face. I hate Hannibal/Face. It's boring. If you've read one you've read them all. There's never anything new in it. Honestly if it reads H/F anywhere in the description, I skip it. This has lead to a lack of inspiration thus a lack in A-team drawings.

So this time all I've got are Top Gear drawings. Two from my regular sketchbook and the last five are from my tiny one.



Old Joke Jezza

Well I don't feel like typing much so I'll just get straight to the drawings.

Thought this would be cute to do. =] I had fun with it anyway.


And just two little doodles in my small sketchbook. They are quite tiny so I've skipped out on a lot of details. I've even dropped fingers on their hands because it was too much of a stretch to get them all on the hands.



Disney Boys

They took me floating on the river today. That was actually really fun. I've got a bit of a burn but it's not so bad. And a bloke from Aussie was there and we chatted for a long time as we floated about. There were so many people there! It took us three hours do finish it you know. But it was fun. I really want to do it again. =]

So napalmedsteak has been writing a fic called Disney Boys for some time. Last year I went to Disney Land in Orlando Florida and just love the fic to death. I wanted to do something for it so here it is. A cover for Disney Boys


Here. Have Some MoreCollapse )


Birthday present

So my step-mom's birthday is on the fourth of July and she will be turning forty this year. She's not excited but it's not like she's getting all depressed about it either. Anyway she loves old cartoons. Cartoons have actually been the most prevalent thing in her life you know. Ten years of watching them herself, her brother is ten years younger than her so there's twenty, then there was us and she just never really stopped. Cartoons are always playing. So I did up a little something for her involving her four favourite cartoons from when she was a child.

The Transformers, Speed Racer, He-Man, and Jonny Quest.

There's quite a few pictures here so I'm going to put it in a cut.

Right hereCollapse )